About Madeleine Dube

About Madeleine Dube...

Madeleine Dube is originally from Quebec city and she currently lives in Montreal, Canada. She graduated with a double-major bachelor degree in Psychology, specialization Neuroscience, and Fine Arts, Painting and Drawing from Concordia University in Montreal. She also recently completed a Graduate diploma at McGill University in Management, Internet Business and is currently working in media planning for an advertising agency. Madeleine has always been passionnate about nature and painting and drawing. From a very young age, she would seek out books on animals and wander outside in search of critters. She is currently working on her first exhibit at gallery Usine 106U, which will feature a collection of insect drawings.

Madeleine's artworks are greatly inspired by her travels around the world. One of her main inspirations are the great American deserts . Her paintings aim to express the dreams hidden within the physical world, the mysticism of nature and how humans' souls vibrate to it through their various mythologies and beliefs.